Originally, the company was founded on renewable energy projects of all types. Still today, these projects are very important to us.


Waste to energy financing can be applied to many forms of alternative energy including incineration, cogeneration, gasification and pyrolysis. Federal and State governments have made it a priority to decrease the demand for fossil fuels and increase the use of renewable energy. Recent studies show a need for approximately 800 new waste to energy facilities in the U.S. over the next 20 years as laws and regulations in all 50 states force a move into more renewable energy projects.

Many municipalities are struggling with their solid waste disposal strategies because landfills are expensive to operate and are governed by strict Federal and State regulations. Waste to energy plants can not only reduce the need to expand or build new landfills but they can also turn existing landfills into income producing assets. The problem has been to find the money to build all the waste management facilities that are needed.

Smaller project owners are presented with many waste management opportunities similar to those seen by larger owners, however, the focus has typically been on financing only the larger projects. What we are able to do is come in and also help smaller projects requiring as little as $3 Million to build out and begin operating waste to energy plants. These deals are smaller but there are a lot of them. And when they are added up together the total number of people served becomes really impressive.

Large public companies and substantial private companies are owners of most waste to energy plants and there is a growing trend of smaller companies also wanting to join in the action. We still do the larger projects as well, but we found that nobody seemed to be willing to step up and consistently fund these smaller projects on reasonable terms. We believe smaller independents can also be an invaluable part of solving this country’s waste management problems. We intend to be a big part of the solution to that problem as the U.S. moves forward into a new era of better managing its waste problems and creating clean energy for our country. If your company has some equity in your deal, a feedstock contract, proven technology, a strong PPA and a sound management team, we want to help you get funded.


(more to come)

(more to come)